• Descent Kanu Collias - Pont du Gard

    Collias - Pont du Gard

    8 km. Dazzling.
    Trip available the whole season.
    Perfect with the family or with friends...
    You will pass imperatively under the Pont du Gard.

  • Descent Gorges du Gardon Kanu

    Collias - La Baume

    Secrets of the Gorges, available the whole season.
    A shuttle will bring you to the beginning upper the barrage of Collias.
    The Gardon Gorges are just on the level of your paddles.

    Pont St Nicolas - Pont du Gard

    20 km. (From March to June). Unforgettable.
    Possillity to do the trip in one day, with possibilities to have a break, to have a Picknick, to swim...

    Russan - Collias

    23 km. (From March to Mai). Fantastic.
    Discover the rocks and meanders of the Castellas and the sources.
    Virgin landscape.

  • Location-Canoe-Groupe


    For more than 10 persons you have the possibility to have a special groupe price.
    We welcome so all seminaries, school groups, company outings...